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Status Medical Equipments is a premier urological equipment manufacturer that provides professionally engineered equipment to urologists around the globe. The company’s success continues to grow worldwide in the Middle East, South America, and South East Asia. All products of the company are today Internationally acclaimed for their aesthetic look, user friendliness, innovation and functionality.

Status Medical Equipments offers utmost value to Urologists by providing most cost efficient features and reliability for their products to support the various operative and diagnostic needs of Urologists.

Some Accolades...

  • Statmedi Prof. Dr. Dilip Kumar Pal
    - Prof. Dept Of Urology, IPGMER,SSKM Hospital, Kolkata

    " We purchased Urocomp2000 in the year of May 2006 after evaluating performance of some of the Internationally manufactured Urodynamics Measuring System. Over the year’s we have found that Urocomp2000 test results are as per International Standard and as per International Continence Society Nomenclature (ICS Nomenclature). "
  • Statmedi Prof Dr. Animesh Kumar Das
    – Prof. & HOD, Nilratan Sirkar Medical College, Govt. of West Bengal

    " We purchased Urocomp2000 in Feb 2011. Over the year’s we have found test results are as per International Continence Society nomenclature (ICS Nomenclature). "
  • Statmedi Dr. A K Gupta
    – Jaipur Golden Hospital.

    " We purchased Uroflowmetry Complete Set manufactured by Status Medical Equipments, Satara in the year of Sep. 2009. The cost of ownership of the equipment ¡s much less as compared to other equipments. The service backup is also satisfactory. "
  • Statmedi Dr. Dilip Javali
    - Queens Hospital

    "I am one of the early purchasers of Uroflowmeters & Calculiclast, almost about 20 years. I am very satisfied with the products manufactured by Status Medical Equipments. I am happy to know that the company is keeping itself update to give better products for urologists. Their after sales service is also very prompt and efficient. I wish them ‘All the best” and request them to add more urological equipment in the list."
  • Statmedi

    Dr. G S Kochhar
    - Lions Kidney Hospital & Urology Inst. New Delhi

    " We purchased Urocomp 2000 manufactured by Status Medical Equipments, Satara in the year of March 2003. Over the year’s we have found that Urocomp 2000 test result are as per international standard and as per ICS nomenclature. "

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