December 7, 2017


FlowComp1-1024x749 FlowComp
FlowComp1-1024x749 FlowComp


  • Digital automatic gravimetric type uroflowmeter.
  • Stand-alone unit without need of computer system.
  • Unit is directly connected to dot matrix printer and reports are automatically printed after completion of each test.
  • The high performance microprocessor along with accurate signal processing electronics provide superior accuracy.
  • Virtually maintenance free and easy to operate.

Technical Specifications:

Flowcomp Control Unit Power Supply 230 VAC, 50Hz
Dimensions 205x156x68mm
Weight 650 gms
Flowcomp Transducer Dimensions 150x40mm
Weight 750 gms
Beaker Capacity 1000ml


  • Flowcomp Transducer
  • Flowcomp control Unit
  • Chair
  • Beaker
  • Dot Matrix Printer


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FlowComp1-1024x749 FlowComp

FlowComp1-1024x749 FlowComp