December 7, 2017

Q-Clast – Calculiclast Workstation

Q-Clast: Calculiclast Workstation

  • Q-Clast is a complete ureteric stone fragmentation system mounted on the ergonomically designed trolley.
  • Q-Clast consists of two major parts:
  • Calculiclast : SME’s pneumatic lithotripter (Give link to calculiclast product page)
  • Air compressor unit for the air supply to calculiclast.
  • Q-Clast is the stand-alone pneumatic lithotripsy system. User will not need any external air supply such as centralized oxygen or air compressor.
  • Workstation trolley has the proper platforms to keep Calculiclast control Unit as well as other related endoscopic devices.

Technical Specification:

Control Unit Power Supply 230VAC, 50Hz
Working Pressure 1.8 to 4 Kg/Cm2K
Maximum input pressure 6 Kg/Cm2
Pressure source Pressurised oxygen/Compressed air
Hand Piece Dimension (Dia x length) 24x180mm
Weight 150 gms

Workstation trolley:

Power Supply 230VAC, 50Hz
5Amp socket
2.5Amp Starting current
1.5Amp running current (Compressor on)
Dimension (H x L x W) 770 x 400 x 430mm
Weight 30Kg


  1. Calculiclast Control Unit
  2. Hand Piece
  3. 5 Probes (3 URS, 1 Bladder stone and 1 PCNL)
  4. Footswitch
  5. Workstation Trolley
  6. All the necessary piping

Optional Accessories:
Preci-Vac ,